If you think you’re prepared…
You’re not.

Few things can shut a company down in seconds. A cyber attack can cripple your business and cause havoc across your entire organization. Parabellyx works to prevent that, every single day.

Parabellyx strengthens your defense so you can face the unknown with confidence.

Parabellyx are security-matter-experts who train your entire organization in security protocols, technologies and processes until a security mindset is entrenched across your entire company, protecting and ‘future-proofing’ your information, your employees, your customers, your shareholders and your reputation. We use military and intelligence methodologies to accelerate cyber security transformation within your enterprise. Our strategy-first approach starts with a critical analysis of your vulnerabilities and goals followed by a bespoke solution, that is free of vendor-driven conformity.


Parabellyx is your solution
to a growing problem.

Companies are facing more security threats than ever before. This is why we’ve developed an approach of continuous improvement to prepare your executive and security teams for emerging threats while protecting your bottom line.

Our goal is to empower our clients to protect themselves from internal and external threats and reduce the conflicts that can damage or hurt profitability, customer satisfaction and the trust that erodes the brand and shareholders faith in the company.

We develop a holistic roadmap of security strategies that include automating lowlevel tasks and creating processes that work for your entire organization, not just a few departments allowing security to become part of your corporate DNA.

“It’s crazy what programmers, and even managers like me, have to learn every couple of years. Sometimes it’s a totally new database technology, a new programming or project management method, or a new technology delivery model, like cloud computing.”

– The Phoenix Project

Our Principles

Continuous Improvement

Our Approach

We call ourselves a Cyber-Strategy firm because cybersecurity needs to align with business goals and objectives if it is to be effective. This is why we work collaboratively to understand your business strategies and only then do we begin to develop the right cybersecurity strategies and implementations.

This lean enterprise approach results in an architectural and operational architecture that is capable of meeting all corporate objectives.

Parabellyx focuses on people, technology and data:

People. We focus on security discipline and response procedures that are easy to remember, understand, and follow.

Technology. We use technology to increase our maneuverability of security response and to do more with less resources.

Data. We use intelligence to eliminate unknowns and make the right decisions.

By preparing people, technology and data for all security scenarios, we design a system that can protect your organization from any threat.

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Is your company prepared for anything? Are your people and technology adept to address the potent and real challenges of a cyber attack?

Contact Parabellyx, and we’ll help you evaluate your cybersecurity strengths and vulnerabilities.