There are many considerations when hiring a cybersecurity company. Depending on your needs, you will be looking to either build your entire cybersecurity strategy or looking for a specific solution that requires a specialist capable of working in specific areas of cybersecurity with the ability to execute a project in a very specific field.

Our team at Parabellyx is capable of working with enterprise and SMBs and can manage both types of executions. We begin every project with a strategic  evaluation and then determine the best execution to solve your most pressing cyberproblems, while making sure we anticipate potential future issues as well.

Service types

If you use cloud or web applications

Parabellyx Web Security Assessments

Today, most companies use web applications internally and externally as part of their business operations, however, this comes with risk. Anything publicly exposed can be breached, and this can damage the company’s brand reputation, affect operations, or worse, expose private customer information, financial transactions and intellectual property.

Web application security assessments allow companies to uncover those risks before the adversaries do and, ideally, proactively before the application moves into production in the first place.

Our framework involves a structured testing approach of both the applications and hosting environments, executing a series of highly-customized automated and manual tests to document anything that can be exposed in terms of security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. We pay particular attention to data disclosure and any issues that could affect privacy or confidential data.

This keeps your customers and your company safe. Our approach is unique because we don’t simply inform you of the vulnerabilities, we use a 360-degree report card that assesses both the impact of the breach and the probability of occurrence. We provide you with full regression testing to confirm that the vulnerability is fully remediated rather than changed in the exploitation method. This saves you time and money by focusing on the issues that are most likely to cause harm to your company.

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Managing your Security in the Cloud

The right strategic architecture and design are critical for any cloud-based deployment as anyone can access the applications from any device, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Additional controls must be managed for an application in the cloud compared to a more traditional environment.

Parabellyx can assist your company in adopting the cloud for internal or public-facing applications. Our team is experienced in strategic and technical architectural design, helping to administer identities, entitlements, web application firewalls, Denial of Service protection, container security, internal application authentication and structuring proper access to the data.

We help ensure that everyone who touches your applications is safe, and we keep those who shouldn’t be accessing them from being able to breach your  applications in the first place.

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Cloud Security Assessment

If your company is already in the cloud, our team can assist by providing a cloud security assessment to ensure that you haven’t missed any critical implementations that would limit your security. A cloud security assessment is a service that fundamentally attempts to identify security risks and concerns in an organization’s enterprise cloud deployment. It includes reviews of existing platforms, their configurations and security controls, as well as to ensure general integrity and security of data and data flow in those environments.

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Cloud Information Protection

The idea that data or other information in the cloud is accessible from any device, anytime and anywhere in the world is frightening. That’s why Parabellyx wants to make sure that this information is protected and can only be seen and used by individuals or applications that we authorize.

Our team helps companies go through a critical paradigm shift toward moving away from manual management of access to data to automated information protection rules based on templates. Think about how often you copy and move information around. Our goal is to make sure that the information stays protected, wherever it goes. This requires an automated system that is capable of verifying the access permissions for the users against the information and data that they are accessing.


The team at Parabellyx starts by understanding your requirements for any access to information as well as the encryption requirements when people do get access to that data. This allows us to create the right protection template to be applied to the information whenever you copy it or move it, so that the storage bucket containing this information and the security systems attached to it move with the data at all times. We then validate that the permissions protection template so that the information stays the same, even if somebody attempts to change it manually. It always reverts back to the intended structure.

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Cloud Security Automation

Cloud Security automation is another paradigm shift from what companies have been doing in non-cloud environments. The fact is that you shouldn’t be touching any configurations in the cloud by hand.

Automation not only guarantees the consistent security of information itself, but will also significantly reduce your cloud costs. If you’re doing things manually, like adjusting resources up and down based on demand, or configuring anything through the console, you are incurring substantial additional costs that you can avoid and increasing the likelihood that you will be breached. Our team can help you to set up a secure automated process to manage your cloud architecture and deployment requirements better.

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If you build software or web applications

Parabellyx Software Development Security Protocols

Often, when companies are building complex software systems, information security is an afterthought. This has serious repercussions, as we learned with the SolarWinds Orion breach, where software vulnerabilities compromised multiple customers, including high-profile companies and large government organizations.

A proactive stance is more important than ever as complex applications are being built. If you are developing software and haven’t included security as part of your product roadmap, you’re placing yourself and your users in danger. Parabellyx can help your company organize its’ development process with a core strategic security mindset.

We understand that it’s difficult to implement security measures when you’re struggling to make a product, but a good solid architectural approach focused on security reduces future threats, helps ensure greater scalability, and saves you the cost of redeveloping your software after a breach occurs.

Our team can map out a software development process to build your pipeline’s security from development to QA to Production. We educate and work with your entire team to recognize security as part of their role in the build. We help them to understand the various tools, capabilities and processes that they need to adapt to ensure that applications are delivered in a secure fashion from top to bottom.

Once designed, Parabellyx assists your team in implementing those processes and technologies, as well as doing automated SAST DAST (Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing) throughout the build.

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SAST DAST (Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing)

It’s critical to select and implement static and dynamic application security testing throughout all stages of development, from the testing environment to the production environment.

SAST DAST (Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing) is a way of scanning application security while an application is in development and before the application is built and distributed to various users. This is extremely important because security becomes a part of the process itself for software development, mitigating the risk of future breaches.

Parabellyx can help your company to create and install static and dynamic application security testing tools, allowing our testing to happen automatically and frequently and establishing a strong security mindset for your programmers. If issues are found through our testing environment, our team then works with your programmers to correct the issues long before a breach can ever occur within your system.

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CI/CD Security. (Continuous Integration/ Continuous Development)

CI/CD security is the idea that you don’t develop software over long iterations, but you work and deploy features and fixes to the software over weeks to as little as a few days. This speed, however, creates potential bugs and security threats, so CI/CD is the process that enables software developers to release things fast, but securely. This doesn’t allow for manual modelling as an effective solution.

Our CI/CD approach at Parabellyx recognizes that your development speed means that you need to incorporate intelligent automation processes into the production schedule. This allows you to strategically automate all of the various components where you have security sensitivities in your software and environments, including identities, secrets, protection rules, security certificates and security configurations.

These configurations allow for testing scenarios to be continually and automatically driven with a go/ no go decision matrix that lets developers know if they can continue to move forward to the next stage of production, or if they need to stop a launch based on a potential issue that has been found. The CI/CD approach allows for you to see whether you can create the adequate security configuration for every single feature or release and validating that it follows certain established security standards before the next stage can be implemented.

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Sometimes your team just needs a little training and education

It’s critical that developers understand the potential security risks that they may encounter during their development effort. This is why Parabellyx has created training courses for developers so you can provide them with the training they need to build better and more secure software.

Not only does this decrease your staff turnover rates, but it allows you to get more out of your development budgets.

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Identity and Endpoint Security Solutions

In the modern workplace, collaboration, remote access and a distributed network make secure remote access more critical than ever before. When we discuss remote endpoints, we are referring to the vast number of people who are using their own devices, or corporate devices, on multiple networks across the world to conduct business. Having a strategic cybersecurity strategy that ensures identity and data security in this globally distributed network is critical.

But don’t worry, Parabellyx is here to assist you in this digital cyber-transformation. Our team has developed an agile model, capable of customizing the right identity and endpoint strategy to meet your business needs.

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SOC as a Service

SOC (Security Operation Center) as a service is an affordable solution for SMB’s who require a higher level of security operations but require tools that can work within their budget. A typical security operation center has full-time staff working 24 hours a day with analysts and experts. For most SMB’s, this isn’t an affordable option, which is why our team at Parabellyx has created a more affordable solution that maintains the security stance for SMB’s.

Our team has developed a unique monitoring technology that allows Parabellyx to automate much of your company’s security operations and allowing our experts the ability to directly intervene when required. Our security alerts and reports provide a high level of assurance that you are well-defended, and our experienced staff are monitoring and fine-tuning your security environment when required. It isn’t a “Set it and forget it” type of system. Instead, it is a “Relax, we’ve got you covered” solution.


We work with you to understand your business, and establish the right incident response protocols for your specific core security issues, and we prepare and implement the security incident plan accordingly to respond to any threat or breach.

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General Security Automation

In a remote world, you need to ensure that your entire network is monitored and up to date on the right security protocols needed to keep your organization safe. Parabellyx provides your entire organization with a pipeline of automated tools and processes to build and deploy security protocols across all of your environmental controls and components, wherever they are located.

This is a critical deployment when people are creating remote environments for applications, firewall rules, various management accounts, different security credentials or other systems entirely. In many cases currently, when you serve them the environment, those configurations do not call up their main protocols or connect properly with other established systems.

Worse, when your team looks back on a spiderweb of systems, the teams don’t always know why they’ve put certain systems together in the first place. This creates a potential issue where the rules established in one system start interfering with other configurations, resulting in a security compromise for the entire company. Our team can help companies to adopt infrastructure code to adopt automation rule creation that can also be used in the end as automation rules and configuration deletion.

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Active Directory Security Assessment

Authentication, authorization and identity are critical for most businesses, and this is why our active directory security assessment is at the core of the security controls in most organizations. Why? An Active Directory identifies and contains the passwords for the bulk of business systems in a modern enterprise, which is why it’s the number one target for cybercriminals.

So, assessing the security of the Active Directory environment is important, especially when you have teams working remotely around the world. The Parabellyx Active Directory Assessment is a series of penetration tests and reviews of your systems and directory controllers to understand how your systems architecture and the architecture of any surrounding systems impacts the security of credentials and authorizations. We help keep your identities secure and your business operational.

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Ransomware Impact Assessments

Ransomware is a scary concept because it implies that your company can be held hostage or even shut down. The best way to avoid a hostage situation is to take the right precautions to keep you safe before cybercriminals can get close to you.

Our team at Parabellyx can help by conducting an 18-point assessment to prevent a ransomware attack, plus we evaluate your resilience and your backup capabilities if you had to restore your system. This includes key components such as evaluating your Active Directory, data storage, identity services and your general system and application services.

Parabellyx has the tools to give our clients the ability to quickly restore systems and data, but more importantly, we help you to prevent ransomware and other malware attacks in the first place.

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Professional Malware Prevention for anywhere and everywhere

Your organization has devices and people everywhere, from mobile devices to laptops and likely more in between. You are already familiar with Malware, but you need something build for a remote workforce. Welcome to PPMP (Parabellyx Professional Malware Prevention), a solution that is capable of detecting and preventing malware detonation, built for a modern, remote workforce.

You likely recall the SolarWinds attack recently, malware that infected hundreds of major enterprises, going undetected for months as attackers worked through infecting system after system. For our customers where PPMP was deployed, our system was able to actively block those attacks.

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