Security isn’t a department; it needs to be a mindset ingrained throughout all the actions and decisions of your organization or you will experience a breach.

Parabellyx are security-matter-experts who train your entire organization in security protocols, technologies and processes until a security mindset is entrenched across your entire company, protecting and ‘future-proofing’ your information, your employees, your customers, your shareholders and your reputation.

Technology is not a security blanket.
Prepare your people to work better with
technology systems.

Don’t let technology provide a false sense of security.
Parabellyx focuses how people interact with technology to ensure that
you are prepared for whatever threat comes your way.

Technology alone isn’t the answer.

Too many companies rely on technology alone as a literal security blanket. However, cyber-adversaries evolve so quickly that bleeding‑edge security technologies can prove ineffective in a span of months, or even weeks, exposing technology as a static defense that provides a false sense of security.

People are the fastest changing, most unpredictable component of any system and the weakest link, which is why education and training across your entire organization is critical to becoming security focused.

We recognize that security must be people focused and we use technology to complement your people and maximize your resources and investments.

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Technology Alone
Creating better collaboration with your Cybersecurity team

Get more done with less resources.
Minimal Viable Service

Your security team suffers from “task(itis)”, performing 25 to 40 tasks every single day. While you can’t increase the time in a day, you can reduce the number of tasks your security team needs to perform.

20% of security issues pose 80% of the risks to a company and a quarter, or even half, of the tasks your security team performs are repetitive tasks. If you take those repetitive and mundane tasks and automate them, it not only reduces the workload, but also reduces the distractions that keep your team from performing the strategic work that prevents the most damaging threats from happening.

Parabellyx establishes the organizational priorities, goals, and KPI’s and automates repetitive and tedious tasks so your security team can deal with the strategic business needs and maximize their efficiency and output. You unleash their creative and strategic thinking where it matters most.

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“I used to love this work, but it’s gotten so much more difficult over the last ten years. Technology keeps changing faster and faster, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up anymore.”

– The Phoenix Project

Why Parabellyx?

Few things can shut a company down in seconds. Technology is one where somebody can shut your company down because of a simple exploit they found.

That’s what security tries to prevent, every day.

Parabellyx are the security-matter-experts who create and integrate leading security solutions throughout your company, protecting and ‘future-proofing’ your information, your employees, your customers, your shareholders and your reputation.

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Is your company prepared for anything? Are your people and technology adept to address the potent and real challenges of a cyber attack?

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