Who we are:

Parabellyx are application security experts in the cloud-native world.

We are application & cloud security specialists, connecting application development, modern infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

  • Team of top cybersecurity leaders, architects, engineers, software developers, and penetration testers
  • Focused on protecting mission critical applications for major enterprises, government, healthcare, and prominent startups.
  • Experts in securing modern application and cloud environments
    • Cloud-native services from all major cloud computing providers
    • Application development pipelines and code
    • Leading edge corporate security, compliance, and assurance
Microsoft Azure
Amazon AWS
Google Cloud
Oracle Cloud

The Parabellyx Difference:

Forward-thinking, agile expertise.

  • Focus on zero-trust
  • Acceleration of application releases
  • Architecture & development to build application and cloud security
  • Continuous Security Support
  • Expert penetration testing across all verticals

Parabellyx helps secure:


Your business runs on applications that need to be accessible by customers and employees anytime, from any device, and often from anywhere in the world. With traditional perimeter no longer effective in protecting your applications and data, we take the new approach in discovering and prioritizing the remediation of application vulnerabilities and help application development to embrace zero-trust and security-by design frameworks.


Cloud is the new perimeter where applications, data, and identities reside. The cloud is about speed and ease of deployment and no organization has time to waste. Parabellyx knows this, so our Cloud Security Services enable an automatic deployment and management of cloud-native security solutions for greater cost efficiency, faster detection and quicker response.

Identity and Data

Protection of data and identities in the cloud where public access is always one click away is a critical component of security. Parabellyx offers solutions for cloud-native identity management, advanced authentication, and continuous monitoring of identities and access that will help keep the data and applications secure.

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