Parabellyx strengthens your defence so you can face the unknown with confidence.

Parabellyx are security-matter-experts and Canada’s first boutique technology agnostic Cyber-Strategy firm. Our unique team of cybersecurity experts train your entire organization in the security-first approach, protocols, technologies and processes so that a security mindset can be established across your entire company.

Every project starts with a strategic approach to all your security needs.

We use military and intelligence methodology to accelerate cybersecurity transformation within your enterprise. Our strategy-first approach starts with a critical analysis of your vulnerabilities and goals, followed by a bespoke solution free of vendor-driven conformity.

Our Principles

Continuous Improvement

Our Approach

We call ourselves a Cyber-Strategy firm because cybersecurity needs to align with business goals and objectives if it is to be effective. This is why we work collaboratively to understand your business strategies and only then do we begin to develop the right cybersecurity strategies and implementations.

This lean enterprise approach results in an architectural and operational architecture that is capable of meeting all corporate objectives.

Parabellyx focuses on people, technology and data:

People. We focus on security discipline and response procedures that are easy to remember, understand, and follow.

Technology. We use technology to increase our maneuverability of security response and to do more with less resources.

Data. We use intelligence to eliminate unknowns and make the right decisions.

By preparing people, technology and data for all security scenarios, we design a system that can protect your organization from any threat.

Service types

By preparing people, technology and data for all security scenarios, we design solutions that can protect your organization from any threat.

Looking to hire a cybersecurity company?

There are many key considerations when looking to hire a cybersecurity company. Depending on your needs, you will be looking for a company to either build your entire cybersecurity strategy or looking for a specific solution that requires a specialist capable of working in specific areas of cybersecurity with the ability to execute a project in a very specific field.

Take advantage of a 3rd party risk‑assessment

In business, you need to be prepared for anything that can hurt or shut you down. That’s why a second opinion from a third-party is critical to understand the actual state of your security environment. By validating your security stance and resilience to threats, you can prevent issues and risks before they impact your company.

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Professional Malware Prevention for anywhere and everywhere

Your organization has devices and people everywhere, from mobile devices to laptops and likely more in between. You are already familiar with Malware, but you need something to build for a remote workforce. Welcome to PPMP (Parabellyx Professional Malware Prevention), a system that is capable of detecting and preventing malware, built for a modern, remote workforce. It’s like a doctor for your security concerns.

You likely recall the “SolarWinds” attack recently, malware that infected hundreds of major enterprises, going undetected for months as attackers worked through infecting system after system. For our customers where PPMP was deployed, our system was able to actively block those attacks.

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Creating better collaboration with your Cybersecurity team

Get more done with less resources.
Minimal Viable Service

Your security team suffers from “task(itis)”, performing 25 to 40 tasks every single day. While you can’t increase the time in a day, you can reduce the number of tasks your security team needs to perform.

20% of security issues pose 80% of the risks to a company and a quarter, or even half, of the tasks your security team performs are repetitive tasks. If you take those repetitive and mundane tasks and automate them, it not only reduces the workload, but also reduces the distractions that keep your team from performing the strategic work that prevents the most damaging threats from happening.

Parabellyx establishes the organizational priorities, goals, and KPI’s and automates repetitive and tedious tasks so your security team can deal with the strategic business needs and maximize their efficiency and output. You unleash their creative and strategic thinking where it matters most.

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